Waterworks Contracting

Over the last 20 years we have established a successful reputation in civil contracting and construction. Our experience, team and equipment can deliver all levels of civil construction work, including:

  • Bridge construction
  • Commercial & Retail Site Development
  • Demolition services
  • Paving – Roads, Parking Lots and Driveways
  • Sidewalk installation
  • Site excavation services
  • Street / road construction
  • Subdivision development
  • Water and sewer installation

If you are a developer or landowner and require these services please contact us for a quote. We are always interested in evaluating new opportunities to partner on civil construction projects.


The goal of our website is to provide information on our current development, contracting and leasing projects and opportunities. Related information is kept updated as it becomes available however specific details (subdivision lot availability, grading, etc.) can change rapidly and is subject to change.